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Passengers inconvenienced after Cambodia closes airport due to Obama’s visit

(Pitched November 20, 2012) I am wondering if you would be interested in a story about the passengers who have been inconvenienced by the closing of the Phnom Penh’s airport today. The airport is closed because of Obama’s visit, and everyone who was supposed to fly into Phnom Penh this afternoon (including me) cannot travel. … Continue reading

The stories I didn't write

A Canadian company that owes millions in Massachusetts state taxes

(Pitched on August 23, 2012) Quebecor World (based in Montreal) owes the state of Massachusetts close to $5 million USD. In fact, it is second from the top on the list of companies that owe the state the most money, according to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue website. The company also owes millions to the … Continue reading

The stories I didn't write

A New England town’s surprising connections to the Confederacy

(Pitched on August 8, 2012) A book that was published this year is revealing Newburyport’s surprising connections to the Confederacy. While Newburyport is known for being the hometown of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, the new book, entitled “Newburyport and the Civil War” tells the story of a Newburyporter who served as a general for the … Continue reading

The stories I didn't write

The first “Miss Russian Boston” contest

(Pitched on August 8, 2012) Boston-area’s Russian girls whose photos get the most “likes” on Facebook will participate in the competition which will include a walk, a talent contest, and answering the jury’s questions. There will be prizes, including, strangely, teeth whitening services. The event will take place in a new nightclub called Russian Lounge, … Continue reading