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Washington Post: “Fresh doubt cast on disputed Pollock paintings”

BOSTON (Reuters) – A Harvard study has raised new doubts over the authenticity of three paintings previously thought to be works by abstract artist Jackson Pollock, weighing into a simmering controversy in the art world. The report by the Harvard University Art Museums, obtained by Reuters on Tuesday, suggested the three paintings may have employed … Continue reading

Global Post: “When Adolf Hitler creeps into your home movies”
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Global Post: “When Adolf Hitler creeps into your home movies”

Ann Major recently decided to digitize her grandfather’s movies. That’s when she found a little surprise. One of the films happens to include footage of Adolf Hitler at a military parade. Her grandfather Ralph H. Major was an American doctor teaching medicine in Munich in the 1930s, when he captured the scene. “People were watching … Continue reading

Phnom Penh Post: “History of cats in Cambodia is a long story even though it’s only a short tail”
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Phnom Penh Post: “History of cats in Cambodia is a long story even though it’s only a short tail”

On a sunny afternoon, a middle-aged computer programmer waiting in line for tickets to the Royal Palace was fascinated by the skinny cats playing at his feet. Some of them had tails that were crooked and short, while others had none at all. Having grown up in 1960s Moldova, he had seen tailless animals before … Continue reading

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The Forward: “Big For-Profit Cemetery Owner Settling Suits with Jews Who Say It Dug Up Their Loved Ones’ Bones”

Not long ago, Jean Bergman, an 88-year-old retired manicurist, received a check for $1,000. She deposited it without giving it too much thought. “I wasn’t told any of the details,” she said. The check arrived in connection with her husband’s grave at Eden Memorial Park, a Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles. The cemetery has been … Continue reading

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Boston Globe: “Sad faces, just along for the ride”

The people in the photographs have wires coming out of their ears, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups in their hands, and newspapers on their laps. Indifferent to others around them, they read the Boston Metro, study the subway map on the wall, and wait. Behind them, familiar advertisements adorn the walls: fly with Lufthansa; find love … Continue reading

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The Boston Globe: “Predators beware: Face on MySpace may be police decoy”

When a 12-year-old middle school student from Raynham began receiving sexually explicit messages on her MySpace page from someone she didn’t know, she found a way to turn the tables on her harasser. The girl printed out the conversations and brought them to Louis F. Pacheco, a policeman who works in the public schools as … Continue reading