Asia Times Online: “Japan’s Angkor art: Booty or fair exchange?”
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Asia Times Online: “Japan’s Angkor art: Booty or fair exchange?”

Visitors to Japan’s most renowned museum are often impressed by its extensive collection of Angkor art from Cambodia. The Tokyo National Museum has the largest collection of ancient Angkor sculptures in Japan, as well as ceramics that experts say are generally of a higher quality than most of those on display in Cambodia’s own museums. … Continue reading

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Asia Times Online: “Genocide as a partial picture”

PHNOM PENH – The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC plans a new exhibition on Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge, but it is uncertain if the American secret bombing of the country, which some analysts say helped the radical Maoists come to power, will be included in the presentation. The temporary exhibition, which is scheduled … Continue reading

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Asia Times Online: “Lao, Cambodian families pay for summit luxuries”

By Beaumont Smith and Julie Masis VIENTIANE and PHNOM PENH – As Asian and European leaders gather for high-level meetings this month in Cambodia and Laos, the luxury living quarters and extensive security arrangements made for their arrivals have come at considerable human and environmental expense. Government authorities went on a building spree ahead of … Continue reading

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Asia Times Online: “Hearts, minds and tongues in Cambodia”

PHNOM PENH – The United States Embassy in Cambodia is financing the publication of new textbooks for minority Cham Muslims, a public diplomacy initiative that will revive a forgotten traditional writing system and attempt to discourage the use of Arabic as a language of instruction in this predominantly Buddhist Southeast Asian nation. The textbooks, the … Continue reading

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Asia Times Online: “Temple tantrum in Cambodia”

PHNOM PENH – If the Mahavir Mandir Trust, an India-based religious organization, has its way, a massive replica of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple will grace the banks of India’s Ganges River. The ancient temple’ second coming, divined to be the largest Hindu shrine in the world, will, however, rise amid a flurry of diplomatic complaints … Continue reading

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Asia Times Online: “Nationalism fuels Thai-Cambodian conflict”

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – As fighting on the Thai-Cambodian border dragged into a fourth consecutive day, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen appealed to the international community to take his side. In a letter to the United Nations Security Council, which was read out on Cambodian television, he reported that Thai forces fired artillery shells as … Continue reading