The stories I didn't write

The Greyhound bus website hacked by a Snowden supporter

(Pitched in July of 2013.)

The Greyhound bus website was hacked by a strange Snowden supporter.

I took a greyhound bus yesterday from Boston to Montreal (July of 2013), and when I tried to log on to the internet from inside the bus (Greyhound now offers wi-fi inside its buses), I was redirected to a strange website. While normally it’s an authorization site that users have to click through before they can surf the internet, yesterday Greyhound bus riders saw a pro-Snowden message instead.

“Privacy? Human Rights? Yes we scan! Yes we can!” said the message on the site that was also seen by all the other passengers on the bus when they tried to access the Wi-Fi. “Make up your mind! #StandUpForSnowden.”

Then, in order to access the internet, the bus passengers had to agree to the 9 tenants of Satan, including living with indulgence instead of abstinence and vengeance instead of turning the other cheek.

(The story didn’t get published maybe because I couldn’t prove that this didn’t happen only on the one bus that I was traveling on)


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