The stories I didn't write

Facebook on paper

(pitched in January 2014)

“My social book” is a new service that converts a person’s Facebook timeline into a paper book, or maybe more accurately described as an inscribed photo album, with photos, comments, status updates, etc. All this is arranged in the book in chronological order. It becomes like a chronicle of a person’s life, day by day, month by month.

None of the big news organizations covered this yet – and I think it’s going to be huge. These facebook-on-paper books can be given as anniversary gifts, new year presents, and they can become permanent memorials to people after they die.

Otherwise, if we keep all our photos and other data on the Facebook servers – they might all vanish one day, when Facebook goes out of business. Imagine, in hundreds of years, will Facebook still be there? But a book on paper will survive.

This social book is very easy to make because it’s all automatic – they retrieve all the data and photos from Facebook and it takes only a few minutes to do all the design. Costs between $11 and $100 depending on how many pages the book has.


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